Warranty Registration

Please fill in the following fields. Upon submission you will receive an e-mail containing your warranty information as well as the terms and conditions of the program. Your acceptance of the warranty terms and conditions will be required to finalize your registration.


This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the mountings of manufactured by IGCJD from the Naledi and OYU Private Label collection, including the loss of any stone(s) set exclusively by IGCJD in the setting that might result from any such defect in the mounting.

In the event an IGCJD mounting fails, IGCJD will repair the ring and/or mounting and reset any stone originally set by IGCJD. In the event the stone that was originally set by IGCJD is also lost, IGCJD will replace the lost stone with a stone of comparable value and repair the ring and/or mounting and reset the new stone.

The Warranty runs from the date of the ring’s original purchase from an Authorized IGCJD Retail partner, and is provided exclusively to the original owner(s) of the ring. The Warranty may not be transferred by the original owner(s) to any other person(s).

To obtain this Warranty, please visit IGCJD website,, and register your jewelry within thirty (30) days of purchase. You will receive an email confirmation and an inspection record sheet when your registration is approved by IGCJD.

It is required that you bring your ring to an IGCJD Authorized Retailer every year for an annual inspection. The inspection record sheet may need to be provided for validation of warranty coverage. Your Warranty is contingent upon completing these annual inspections.

In some cases, IGCJD might require additional information and will need to contact you via email or by telephone. Not all registrations will be approved.

In the event your IGCJD ring needs attention or repair, please deliver it to an Authorized IGCJD Retailer to be sent to IGCJD for service. To find your nearest Authorized IGCJD Retailer, please visit our website, Based on inspection, IGCJD will determine if the repair is covered under the Warranty, or will advise on the cost to repair the ring. If it is determined there is a manufacturing defect in the mounting, IGCJD will repair or replace the ring at no cost.

This warranty does not cover damage caused to the mounting, ring or stone originally set by IGCJD, other than that incurred in the ordinary course of wearing, whether by act or failure to act (e.g., abuse or impacts). The Warranty Does Not Cover the loss of any stones set by anyone other than IGCJD nor does it cover ring setting failures or losses caused by: repairs or service performed by anyone other than IGCJD, having the ring sized by anyone other than IGCJD, over-polishing of the ring, abuse of the ring, applying force or heat to the ring, any structural manipulation, tampering, alternation or modification of the ring.

Additionally, loss of the ring, theft and any Acts of God are not covered. IGCJD reserves the right to inspect your ring regarding any of the above types of acts or conduct. Should IGCJD discover that your ring setting failed due to any of the above acts, failures to act, or conduct, this Warranty will be void at the discretion of IGCJD. In addition, every IGCJD piece of jewelry is identifiable by a stamp on the inside of the band. If this stamp is not visible by IGCJD, it will be determined to be an unauthorized copy and will not be covered by this Warranty.

IGCJD is not responsible for any shipment or other costs involved with the inspection of your ring. In addition, IGCJD is not responsible for any damage or loss while the ring is in transit either to or from IGCJD. IGCJD makes no warranties, express or implied, other than the limited written warranty made herein, and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability.