Warranty Registration

Please fill in the following fields. Upon submission you will receive an e-mail containing your warranty information as well as the terms and conditions of the program. Your acceptance of the warranty terms and conditions will be required to finalize your registration.


Your purchase includes a lifetime warranty on the diamonds in your jewelry. IGC Brand Services (IGC) requires guarantees from all its suppliers that the diamonds supplied are natural and have not been artificially treated. We will exchange under warranty at no charge to you the diamond(s) described on the registration card that do not meet the criteria we promised. The exchanged diamond(s) will equal or exceed in quality and size the diamonds described on the registration card described. If requested we must be allowed to examine your jewelry along with the original diamond certificate and registration card provided to you at the time of purchase. The grade disclosed on a diamond grading report from the GIA will be accepted by both parties as binding or if this is not practical due to the size of the diamond; a mutually acceptable independent appraisers grading report.

Your purchase includes a lifetime warranty against defects due to faulty workmanship. All repairs accepted under warranty are repaired free of charge. All repairs or alterations, except for sizing and setting of the center diamond by an authorized jeweler must be performed by IGC Brand Services or this warranty in its entirety is voided. To avoid voiding your warranty we require that settings with diamonds in the bands are not sized up or down by more than a half finger size without written consent from IGC Brands.

The following terms and conditions apply:

(A) All purchases must be registered for warranty within 30 days of purchase
(B) Except for setting and sizing, all repairs and alterations are to be performed by IGC unless waived in writing.
(C) At a minimum, annual check-ups are required to maintain warranty.
(D) You are responsible for adequately insuring all warranty shipments and returns for credit or exchange. We are not responsible for underinsured shipments.
(E) Maximum liability under warranty for defects in workmanship up to original purchase price. In the case of the diamond warranty to the original promised diamond size and grade.
(F) In the event of a diamond warranty claim, you agree that we be allowed to examine your ring, submit the diamond to a recognized independent diamond grading laboratory or mutually acceptable appraisal company and that both parties be bound by the opinion. IGC may, at its discretion, provide a larger or finer quality diamond as replacement but is not required to do so. If no settlement can be reached IGC may reimburse the purchaser for the original purchase price or a mutually agreed upon amount.
(G) This warranty covers only diamonds purchased from IGC. Center diamonds purchased from other sources are specifically excluded.
(H) Charges to repair jewelry damaged through normal wear and tear will not be covered under your lifetime warranty policy. (Refer to the “Wear and Tear Exclusion” clause below for further information.)
(I) The maximum liability on any claim under lifetime warranty is restricted to your original purchase price. IGC Brands retains the right to refund your purchase price on return of the original purchase or to remanufacture a new ring to replace your original purchase

Exchanges & Returns: We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item(s) unaltered within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Merchandise must be in its original condition. Please note the reason(s) for the return (on the return/exchange card provided with your registration card) and whether you wish to exchange the item(s) or receive a credit. Enclose the Return/Exchange Card with your item(s). You must contact your authorized jeweler to process your return. All merchandise credits require a return authorization number. Returns must be insured for the full amount of the claim. IGC Brand Services is not responsible for items lost during return shipment. We recommend that claims are returned with a carrier that offers insured shipping with tracking.

Wear and Tear Exclusion: Charges to repair jewelry damaged through normal wear and tear will not be covered under your lifetime warranty policy. Please refer to our tips on how to care for your Naledi jewelry below.

Insurance: Properly insure your jewelry for its appropriate value.
When Not to Wear Your Jewelry: Avoid wearing your jewelry in a pool, at the gym, and during housework, laundry, or gardening,
Cleaning Your Own Jewelry: The best way to clean jewelry is with hot water and soap every other week. Avoid excessive ultrasonic cleaning and never use toothpaste. If diamonds start looking persistently dull, it is best to take the jewelry in for professional cleaning.
Professional Maintenance: We recommend using an authorized Naledi Collection dealer for your jewelry maintenance and keeping a record of your services and repairs